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Quick ways to get your home office organized for the New Year!

It is the New Year and we all want to get organized…quickly…neatly…and….inexpensively!

So whether you have a home office, a space dedicated to working or a small nook, here are the top 5 ways to get organized quickly and on a budget.

1.  Hello bins!  Storage bins can be your friend. They do not have to cost a lot and you can visit the dollar store to find ones that suite your style.  Try to keep them in all the same color family so it looks organized!

2.  If you have multiple kids you will have multiple paperwork and I have two suggestions to keep up to date and organized on keeping track of what is due when. (this is also great for bills) A magazine holder for each child works well and stores all the paper work  (don’t pay full price for the magazine holder – look for clearance ones)  My other suggestion is to have multiple clip boards for each child and hang in a central location (and low enough so the kids can reach it and keep track)

3.  These cute little tins are ones I picked up for a dollar -  A DOLLAR @target!  They can hold paperclips, pens – the small stuff you need for your office but never have handy or like I did – store some nice pretty flowers to brighten up your office space.

4.  I love these photo boxes!  I put office items in them that I do not use regularly. If you are really organized you can add a label to the front so you know exactly what is in them.

5.  Finally, speaking of labels, if you can, invest in a label maker. It is so much fun to use and once you start you will begin to label everything and you may never have to ask again, where is that pen, business card or photo that I saved?? I love the one from  “Simply Stylish” Home & Office Labeler  and The “Simply Stylish” Home & Family Labeler is a great one too!



Colorful photo boxes

my @target bins


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