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What to wear for Halloween

Americans will spend 3 billion on Halloween costumes this year! That is one popular holiday! According to the The National Retail Federations’s 2012 survey the top costumes for kids are princess, batman, spiderman and witch. Of course Pirates, vampires and zombies are still popular too!

Here are some great costumes for Halloween 2012.

Well, first if you are a mom and don’t want to dress up but want to add a bit of fun color to your wardrobe in the weeks leading up to Halloween try Holidickeys! is where you can find these fun, colorful, affordable versatile collars – very much in fashion now! Only $30.00 to add a bit of color to your wardrobe without spending too much on a full shirt!

Iparty is just the best and makes it easy for moms to shop – they have all the kids costumes as well as decorations!  They have the Halloween essentials for mom and dad including the must have political masks or for mom a quick witch hat and some make-up.  For Kids anything with pop culture like angry birds and these cute monster costumes.

Costume has great costumes for pets and for kids  – 20% of your purchases will go toward the Children’s Cancer Association on this super fun site.  They have the captain America for boys – mom and son can be twins!  The brave costume with the bow and arrow – the archery theme is popular this year with Brave and even the Hunger Games. has great classic costumes – like Alice in Wonderland for moms or captain America t-shirt for moms with Red Gloves and a shield

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