Let the homework begin? Week 2 of school

It is week two of school and I am preparing for piles of homework. Not my homework of course – I did all that last week when I had the most paperwork I had to fill out ever  – from how is my child getting home from school to emergency contact information – it took an hour or so! While my 3rd graders’ assignments last week consisted of sign your homework book and my 6th grader is still getting into a routine of how things work at middle school (my, my, they have a lot of freedom there!) I am glad we eased into school with no homework on the first week. But, my guess is all that will change this week.

So, while last week’s after school activities consisted of snacks, TV watching, begging for playdates and running to soccer and swim, this week we will add in the homework and we’ll see how it all fits together! At least everyone is in the same boat adjusting to the back to school routine and making sure the kids get enough sleep. How many parents had a hard time with the back to bed at a reasonable hour routine?  We are all getting there!

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