Surprised by the @kdashkollection

I have to say I have never bought clothes at @Sears.  Ok, well maybe I have bought a few things from the Lands End line.  I was thinking I needed a new pair of jeans as I recently lost weight and none fit me.   I do have a very hard time finding jeans to fit me. Without admitting how short I am – let’s just say I am five feet two on a good day.

On a whim I went into Sears and actually tried on the jeans from the Kardashian collection.  I only had time to try on the Kim and the Khloe (as I had two kids with me – trust me – even though my kids are older it is still difficult to shop for clothes for me (especially jeans).  I ended up going with the Kim. The length was actually good for me. The Khloe fit good too but was a bit long (as I think the tag said they are for taller women). I was surprised by the fabric – they were really soft and they looked like my favorite designer jean!  Plus they were on sale too!  So as always, never say never!


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