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Summer Birthdays!

Since I have two girls with July birthdays I stress out every summer wondering what to do for their birthday parties. As they get older it gets tricky especially as this year they turn 8 and 11. All the 11 year olds friends are at sleep away camp so having it close to her birthday is nearly impossible. Still, trying to tell her that we should wait a month to have a small gathering for her is like postponing Christmas!

I know many moms who wait until September and some just stop the parties altogether as the kids get older – which I am all for – maybe just a fun night out with a couple friends is fine with me. The fact that my husband travels each year for a meeting at exactly the week of both their birthdays (did I mention they are 4 days apart?) makes planning even tougher. Then I have to have a separate party in July as well for family and close friends (did I mention July is stressful?)

I remember when they were younger how planning these elaborate (i.e. expensive) birthday celebrations put me over the edge many times and over the years we have been to snip-its for a runway fashion show, build-a-bear, a gathering of afternoon tea (in which each 4 year old complained about the size of the sandwiches) and the last year’s party  – a very low key combined bowling party (they did not complain too much having it together and it was done in one afternoon!).  I will not, I repeat, will not have another birthday sleepover. At year 8 for my older one 6 little girls DID NOT SLEEP until about 3:00 AM! This year I am all for the even more low key movie and popcorn night for the younger one and a beach trip for the older one and her friends.  If you have a summer birthday to celebrate what is your plan?

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