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Parfait anyone?

I am not one to write about recipes (we all know I cannot cook!) But I have to share this “dessert” my kids just love. I enjoy this treat for breakfast and make it for an after dinner treat for my kids and they love it too.  I think the parfait cups are what makes it the most wanted “treat” in my household. Plus, it’s healthy as I make it with fruit and nuts! So here is the recipe and photo!

Yogurt Parfait

1/2 cup Stoneyfield low fat french vanilla yogurt in a cup

Sprinkle a small amount of granola (we like Stop & Shop Nature’s Promise brand granola – any kind but the Banana Nut one is great)

Add some sliced almonds

Add frozen small blueberries and/or mango chunks (we also like the mini ones – Wyman’s of Maine. Actually eating them frozen by themselves is a treat too)

I will then add a few mini chocolate chips at the top


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