No time to cook? @Foodler to the rescue – Foodler Review!

Hubby is traveling this week + I don’t cook = Foodler to the rescue!  Foodler is a new food online delivery site (hmm..I could get use to this!).  This growing network of online restaurants in major cities has a wide selection of menu options to choose from.   It’s fast, easy and you can schedule a time and day for your delivery. So if you know you won’t have time to cook on say, Tuesday night – go online and Foodler presents you with a list of all restaurants that offer delivery and take-out meals to your area.  The options range from Chinese, Italian, Pizza and more.  So last night I went online and saw that our local pizza place delivered and ordered a salad a pizza and scheduled a time and sure enough it arrived just in time for my hungry kids! You can browse the complete menus of those restaurants in your area, click on your selections, and send your order directly to the restaurant and even schedule a time later on to have them delivered on a certain day. This is a perfect service for moms with a new little one, friends who are in need of a meal or if you are like me and worry about what’s for dinner –  it’s a great solution. Simple, fast, tasty and easy – why aren’t all my meals like this??  I hope they add more restaurants to my area soon!

Disclosure:  the company sent me $15.00 in Foodler bucks to use for the purchase of a dinner for this review. All opinions are my own.

Foodler has arrived!

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