Easter Fashions

Happy Easter Weekend. This time of year we have a lot of special occasions and parties to attend.  This weekend is Easter and coming up we have a wedding, first communion for my seven year old and a Bat Mitzvah to attend. That means we need a few fancy outfits. Luckily I did have a few dresses that were given as gifts. I also matched my 7 year old’s yellow dress she had from last summer with an adorable skirt from the Gap for my 10 year old to wear.  Tis ‘the season for pleats.  Similar, yes but not matchy, matchy.  They are at the age where I certainly cannot get them to wear anything close to matching. I would love it if both girls wore these similar styles – a white dress with a green tie and this green dress but after trying unsuccessfully to get them to wear them together I think I give up!

Enjoy your Easter weekend!


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