@BetterCT spring cleaning and organizing

What fun those TV anchors are at BetterCT at WFSB-TV!  We were talking spring organizing and cleaning. Here is the clip and here are some of the items we showcased.

WFSB-TV segment.

  • I love a fresh calendar each year. If you have not picked one out yet (what are you waiting for it’s March!) check out the selection at  I still like to write things down and not rely on my phone.   They by far have the best “mom” calendars!
  • WE all need to purge the contents of our handbag each season. Start with a fun, colorful bag and organize yourself with a purse organizer like this one from pouchee. They come in great colors and fabrics and it is a neat way to hold all of your purse items.  If you are always looking for your keys – try  this cute key ring from Finders Key Purse.  Why didn’t I think of that? No more searching the bottom of your purse!
  • For the home office you need a label maker – The brother simply stylish label maker is the best buy and a special application allows you to print decorative symbols and borders to personalize your labeling projects. I also love the folders, boxes, files, etc. from the Martha Stuart Collection by Avery available at staples as everything is color coordinated.
  • Also for the home office don’t forget to spring clean your computer!  Maybe finally go through all those folders and pictures.  You can also make sure to back them up with the Hitachi Touroâ„¢ Mobile Pro portable drive. It is super easy, and provides two levels of data protection to help keep your family photos, home movies, music and documents safe.
  • To keep kids snack and lunch organized try the bento buddies laptop lunch boxes. It will save you time and money! It also ensures that you eat a bit more healthier as these containers are perfect for fruits and veggies.
  • For kitchen cleaning you need a great cleaner with no toxic chemicals.   Citra Solv is a company that produces all natural cleaners with sweet smelling scents! I do love the glass cleaner with orange as it has a bit of vinegar in it. I have heard that vinegar and water are great to use to wipe down your kitchen counter during spring as vinegar acts as a natural ant repellent.
  • To clean off your babies toys, highchair or car seat  try the Dapple Baby line of products. They are just great!  Dapple products are baby-safe and are made with non-toxic ingredients. Keep the wipes in your car to clean off the car seats and be confident that you kids can touch the seat after with no worries of yucky chemicals.

Disclosure:  All the items listed above were sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.

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