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I adore @AdoraCalcium

You all know I love chocolate!  Sometimes I have to have it every day. A good dark chocolate can actually be healthy for you but a bit of chocolate every day can add up (that is on the scale!)

A friend of mine actually gave me these adora calcium supplements as a gift for Christmas (along with a fine gift card to @Marshalls) as she knows how much I love chocolate.  She tried to explain them to me and how tasty they were and they were hard chocolate and yummy (yeah..right a supplement that tastes good).  When I finally tasted them I got it!  Each chocolate disk has only 30 calories per serving and provides half of your daily value of calcium. It also provides vitamin D3 and magnesium. You can take one disk up to three times a day.

Women certainly don’t get enough calcium and now we have a tasty option. There are no artificial sweeteners, no trans fats or corn syrup and they are gluten free.  Adora is available online and at Whole Foods and at the Vitamin Shoppe. I have tried both the dark chocolate and the milk chocolate (Disclosure: the company sent me a package of the milk chocolate to test out) and both are creamy and oh so good!  Finally, a healthier way to supplement my chocolate cravings! Taste for yourself and let me know what you think…..

A good tasting calcium supplement

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