Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday…

You were expecting a great post on all the great deals I got shopping weren’t you??  Yeah so I missed them all. I admit it. I was online this morning for a bit but this year I am really focused and I am not going to buy my kids a ton of toys and considering we just bought them a puppy – really only Santa will be buying a few gifts.  I like the idea of supporting local businesses – It’s just that this year I was not into running around frantically trying to score a deal.  A friend went out shopping on Black Friday and told me that in some stores it was 50% off until 9:00 am – missed that one. This is such a busy time of year and I wanted to cherish Thanksgiving a little bit without the hustle and bustle of thinking about getting up early and shopping- wait did I say that?  I used to get up bright and early every year on Black Friday but I wanted to sleep in, enjoy the kids and the puppy and RELAX (and of course watch the news with everyone else running around!) I did do a bit of shopping on girls’ weekend – that post to come with some tips on outlet shopping but first things first…on to the next item of holiday to do’s – the Christmas card!

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