Buy My Halloween Candy? Ok!

Halloween is well over and for us it was postponed until this past Saturday night but we still HAVE ALL THAT CANDY!  For me I cannot have candy in the house (yes, I am weak and if a piece of chocolate is staring me in the face I will eat it) unfortunately, for my kids this is true too. I could not toss it all- that would be a waste.  So luckily I heard about many local dentists offering to buy the Halloween candy back and they then send it to troops overseas. They also give you toothbrushes as a reward. Sounds good to me!

We headed to local dentist Dr. Fawn Rosenberg of Lexington Smile Studio in Lexington. This is the 9th year the office has participated in the Halloween Candy Buy Back Program.

From Nov. 1 to 20, kids can go to the Lexington Smile Studio at 922 Waltham Street to have their candy weighed and traded for cash ($1 per pound of candy) . The candy is boxed up and trucked to Hanscom Air Force Base, to be distributed to troops serving overseas.

But would my kids go for it? Just look at the picture – they did!

Halloween Candy Buy Back Program

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