Labor Day Weekend – Last Hurrah

Well, this is it- the last summer weekend before we head back to school!  Backpacks, school supplies and a few outfits have been picked out as well as sneakers and sweatshirts have been purchased!

We took our last summer vacation a few weeks ago and it was very relaxing – a week at the beach. Usually we do several day trips to Maine and Newburyport, Mass. but this time we just woke up and walked onto the beach each and every day and didn’t move until we were hungry or had to run to the cottage for the bathroom!

We had lots of visitors, loads of fun and boggie boarding non-stop.  While we really wanted to try surfing again we had to cross it off our list as my 10 year old slipped at the pool the day before we left and had to have two staples in her head! Originally the doctor said no swimming for 7 days (which would have been torture for her!) but my hubby asked if there was any way she could swim in the ocean and he said yes with a swim cap and we had to make sure the area was cleaned every day. So she put on her swim cap, grabbed her boogie board and was trying to be cautious! So now it’s Friday before labor day and I am trying to think of fun things to do for day trips this weekend or maybe just relax? Nah…off to the beach, the pool and a few parties!

A day at the beach

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