Back to school supply list

In the midst of a day trip to the beach in the back of my mind is the back to school supply list. We discussed this exact topic today on WCAP 980 am and were reminiscing about the days when you went to school without any pens, crayons or glue sticks and just showed up! The list seems to get longer and longer and with budget cuts at so many schools we know why. Our school suggests we buy on Amazon as a portion of the proceeds will be given to the parent teacher organization, which is a nice thing to do. We discussed how challenging it could be if you have 5 kids in school and 5 lists!  I have not purchased the items yet on my kids list but remembered that last year it was in the $50-100 range! Multiply that by 5 and yikes!

I remember one of the national parenting magazines listing out school supplies last year and which national retailers had the best prices on such items as crayons, pencils, pens and there was a substantial difference.  I am procrastinating purchasing as I would like to enjoy summer a bit longer. Plus I know that once I get out the supply list then we are into buying backpacks, clothes, coats etc.  I have a few more weeks left!

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