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I have a ton of lip balm – and I mean a ton.  Every new one that comes out on the market I try it. I am loving the variety of lip balms from Eco Lips.  The company sent me a sampling of lip balm to test out and what a selection they have. They really know their lip balm!

Eco Lips lip balm is handcrafted in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and made with natural and organic ingredients. They have several innovative organic lip care products and have something for everyone in your family – moms, kids and dads.

Eco Tints are their naturally glistening lip moisturizer – perfect for mom on the go and if you don’t have time for lip liner and lipstick but want a bit of color and moisturizer. This line moisturizes your lips while providing a sheer tint and they have six shades. They contain organic plant oils, beeswax, as well as natural earth mineral and provide a shimmering glow. The plush red is a nice light shade of red.

Eco Lips Gold is their ultimate lip moisturizer and also unflavored – this is especially good for kids that need moisturizer but tend to lick off the fake flavored kind. This one is best for every day use.

Eco Lips Sport has an SPF 30 and comes with a clip to attach to a backpack (perfect for Dad).  There is also a Eco+Lips medicinal and a vegan lemon lime bee free lip balm.

But my favorite which I put by my bedside is The Lavender Lemon Calming Lip Balm. Made With Essential Oils of Lavender and Lemon and Olive Fruit Oil to calm your senses – perfect for the end of the day.  This is from their ONE WORLD lip balm collection and they fuse Fair Trade Certified Cocoa Butter, USDA Organic Certified ingredients and exotic oils from around the globe. These are a chubbier lip balm packaged in large 0.25 oz tubes and made with 40% recycled material.

Natural and organic lip balm
Eco Lips Lip Balm

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