School’s Out…Soon!

The countdown is on….8 more days until…..the kids are out of school!  We are lucky and have a fun transition as we immediately head to our timeshare on the beach for a week.  For some this time of year is a hard transition with questions of what to do and statements of, “I’m bored!”  as some camps have not started yet. My advice is to take a breather! We have been going non-stop with all the activities my kids are in and while they may not sleep late at a young age you can encourage them to linger in bed a little while longer or finish that craft they were working on.

Since I work from home and the kids are in camps part of the summer every bit of time off I have I try to take into consideration that it is their summer vacation. Try to be flexible if you have some time off – ask them what they want to do.  Routine is always good so if you have special trips you take together each summer continue that. We start the summer at the beach and we head to beach again the last week of August. What we do in between is not really planned yet but I am sure it will be fun with my two girls leading the way!

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