Spring Cleaning – Jewelry Storage

You know I love my jewelry but keeping it organized can be a real pain. To hang or not to hang?  To put in a tray or not?  Here are some neat solutions to solve that jewelry storage problem.

 The container store has some great storage solutions like the Green EVA Jewelry Store.  It is made of dense foam to help protect the jewelry and can be stored in a drawer. This is great for watches, earrings and rings.  The Green EVA Modular Drawer Organizers are so inexpensive you can buy a whole bunch and customize it as you wish as they are stackable.

 I do have the Pottery Barn Teen wire storage trays but instead of using them for jewelry I use them for my bath products!

I like this tray from Bed Bath & Beyond as it keeps sterling from tarnishing.  The trays have a dark brown faux leather exterior, a tan faux suede interior, and a lining treated with what the web site calls – Eliminox –  which keeps sterling tarnish resistant for up to 30 years with normal use.

If you have a ton of earrings try this folding earring rack from get organized

For those with tweens the Bling Hangit jewelry hanger is cute and you can store earrings and necklaces.   

Here’s to spring cleaning with our jewelry!

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