Now there’s an idea!

I was so excited when I attended the Massachusetts Conference for Women back in December as it was a fun filled day of seminars, speaker conferences, meeting talented and successful entrepreneurs and soaking up all the information to make your business stand out.  It was there that I met Jen Groover  – an entrepreneur, designer, author, speaker and mentor. She is creator of the Butler Bag and founder of the launchers cafe (

I’m glad I met her and read her latest book “What If & Why Not?”. I rarely have time to read a book but this was so informative and a must read for any woman looking to embark on a business adventure (or for those stuck in a current business looking for new ideas or new ways to address an old problem)  In this book she gets you thinking about what it takes to get moving on your ideas and think outside the box especially when someone says that won’t work. Why not?

She was so nice to send this trendymommy her Butler Bag! It looks so functional I cannot wait to test it out and let you know what I think!

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