List, goals, resolutions. Top must have’s for my kids 2011

As I mentioned before, I decided to make goals – not resolutions as resolutions tend to get broken easily.  I decided to share this current trend with my two girls and they liked the idea but of course what was their first goal? To get a puppy ASAP!

Both my hubby and I take complete responsibility for planting this seed in their heads as we started on this path of visiting animal rescues in our area and we almost walked away with one adorable german shepherd puppy. But we did not end up getting it, which leads everyone in the family to moan whenever the puppy discussion comes up – remember MAYA?

I did start out researching as I think it could be a nice addition to our family and when we originally asked what others thought on facebook about our MAYA dilemma many people’s response was not to do it! I know it takes a lot of work and we are nervous about having a dog as each of us has never had a dog before.  I just think the right one has not come along yet. We also have to figure out what breed we wanted. I really want a non-shedding dog, the kids want a small, white fluffy dog and of course the hubby wants a GSD. In any case I have done tons of research and dogs are quite expensive (especially when it’s the fluffy, white purebred type!) So we will add this to the list of goals (and savings account). Some great resources include: or    I am already envisioning the cute little puppy items we will need!

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