No car = less spending

It’s already January 5 and so far I am in the midst of reading my second book (goal was to do more reading and writing!) But have not hit the gym as hard  (ok at all) as my car is in the shop due to an accident with a deer. No, I did not hit a deer but the deer ran into me!

The hubby and I thought it would be a good experiment to see how we did without a car for a week. He is doing fine as he has his car but I am glued to my home office!  Yes I am getting more work done but every once in a while as I step away from my work and think I’ll just run to Starbucks or CVS (for that product I just need right now…I stop….Oh yeah I have no way of getting there. 

Yes, yes, I could walk but I do live in the suburbs so it’s not just a quick jaunt. (Yes, that could help with my new year’s requirement of hitting the gym) It’s nice that I live in a small community so when I posted on Facebook that I was without a car people offered rides, switching of carpools and even offers of Starbucks being brought to me! I really do love my community. But it did get me thinking of how long I could last without transportation. I am a working mother of two very active kids!  My guess is one week and that’s my limit. Luckily my car will be ready at the end of the week! This week was a good test to say I can survive without a car – plus I think I saved some $ as I was not running to Starbucks and CVS and…….

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