Beach Essentials

Besides flip flops and sunscreen what else do you need for the beach? We mommies could use a few items – simple items to make dealing with the sun and sand a bit easier.

Baby Powder – simply rub this on and sand wipes off easily from little hands and toes. No complaining the water is too cold!

Evan Facial Spray – I have used this for years and my hubby used to laugh when I would bring it on trips. Put it in the refrigerator and it’s a really nice treat for your face on a hot day.

Hair protector -Loreal’s EverPure UV protect spray is great. I love the smell and it has no sulfates in it! It has UV filters in it to protect color treated hair from the sun.

A sun hat is a must. I have quite the collection!  The web site shady lady (love that name!) has a great selection. I love the color and style of the sun dancer hat. It also has coverage in the back.

Sun Grubbies has this unique hat called the off shore water sun hat. It’s lightweight, has an adjustable neck strap so it won’t fall off when you are surfing or kayaking. Plus, it’s floatable so you won’t lose it if it does fall off.

Coolibar offers some nice hats and if you can’t decide on a color why not get the reversible bucket hat

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