Green Hair? No problem

I struggled through the swim season with my 8 year old and her blond hair. While this year it did not turn green, the smell of chlorine was just staying there! In my quest for more natural products (i.e. ones without laurel/laureth sulfates) I have found some favorites that smell nice and really work.

  • Aubrey Organics makes a swimmer’s shampoo and conditioner that is ideal for blond hair. The shampoo has shea butter and aloe and the conditioner has aloe and jojoba oil in it.


  • I do love California Baby products (and no they do not pay me to say that) California Baby® Swimmer’s Defenseâ„¢ Shampoo & Bodywash is made with lemongrass and has no Sodium Lauryl Sulfates


  • I bought Mailbu 2000 Swimmers’ Action Shampoo last year at the salon. The kit was pricy but contained the Swimmers After-Swim Solution which according their web site it is a “patented, fresh-dried vitamin complex that dissolves into a gel in the palms of the hand forming a rich lathering treatment specifically formulated for swimmers to be used in the salon, at home or at the pool after swimming to remove and prevent all the elements from pool, spa or ocean water that can otherwise damage and discolor hair” I like it because it is Preservative-Free, Fragrance-Free and Sulfate-Free AND the green goes away!

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