Disney and the Kids!

What a winter….The holiday were so hectic.  Here is it March already! Just came back from Disney – first trip with the kids. It is an exciting vacation but you need a vacation after your Disney vacation – lots of running around. I did read the unofficial guide to Disney before I left and boy did it stress me out!  It was a bit overwhelming, so much that I was referring to my map every two seconds to make sure I did not miss a thing! (it was driving my husband crazy) Anyway… if I had time to write a book about Disney I would but here are the most important things I learned as a first time visitor.

  • I would advise to stay in the park if you have small kids. One stop on the monorail and we were at Magic Kingdom
  • Like a victorian mansion The Grand Floridian Resort was just magical. We loved the evening movie, campfire and smores for the kids!
  • Everyone needs a dip in the pool in the afternoon no matter what the temperature. It was only 59 degrees during the afternoon but luckily our pool was heated. It was very refreshing and a great way to decompress.
  • Each child is different and may react differently to the various, dark rides) Both my kids are daredevils. However, my 5 year old will go on any ride (tower of terror 2X), my 8 year old daredevil needs more specifics: what type of ride, how long, etc.
  • No matter how hard you try to follow a tour plan you cannot with little kids and oh yeah:  kids and hubby despise tour plans. These tour plans that are listed out in the unofficial guide are very specific and require lots of back and forth which require a great deal of strategy – I was trying to be very strategic but my kids and hubby did not want to be! My husband did not like to run back and forth to obtain the fast pass – so we would walk through the park and go from site to site.
  • You need a recover day (or days!) The kids looked dazed going back to school and were exhausted after school the first few days back

There is so much to see at Disney and so many parks to choose from – it definitely requires a trip back for us!

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