Lunch Bunch

Remember the Sigg fiasco? That is why I am so glad I ordered the klean kanteens. I also ordered a few other items for back to school lunches that I thought were pretty cool and they are holding up quite well. There is this web site call the soft landing that has some great products that are all free of BPA, PVC and phthalates. Check out

Here is a sample of what I ordered and I love all of them!

The Kids Konserve 8oz Round Food Container is the perfect size for packing any kind of food item but I really wanted it for small salads. The stainless steel container keeps food somewhat cold which is nice.

The Laptop Lunches Bento Buddies 2.0 can be used on their own directly inside a lunchbox or inside this special Bento 2.0 outer container. I bought them on their own specifically to use for fruits and veggies for the kids lunches. They are small but work really well.

I was looking for some small glass bowls for the kids to use at home and their Kidishes are made from tempered glass. The tempered glass is stronger than standard glass and doesn’t break into sharp shards when it does fall. The web site sayss they are 100% recyclable, can go in the dishwasher, and microwave-friendly — so no more heating up your child’s food in a ceramic dish, only to transfer it to a plastic one. Makes sense to me!

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