Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

It was so cute to see all the kids are my daughter’s preschool in green today! I love seeing everyone interpretations of the color green. One guy in Starbucks was wearing a, “dude don’t pinch me” shamrock shirt and I was wondering why? Of course I should have known…..St. Patrick’s Day commemorates the patron saint of Ireland and is a day to celebrate Irish culture.  One tradition is to pinch people who are not wearing the color green!  Makes perfect sense!   
I was on the search for something fashionably green this weekend to wear to the annual Sheehan’s Saint Patty day party but it was not easy to find the right shade of Kelley green (teal does not count!!)   so I opted for white shirt with a very old shamrock scarf.
It has been years but I remember heading to the parade in Southie and going to the Black Rose in Boston many a times…… bk (before kids)
Have a Happy Day! 

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