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The High School Musical Maddness – Will It ever End?

For those of you who have kids (especially girls who like to sing) with the obsession with High School Musical ever end?  We of course have the DVD 1 & 2, the music CD’s (one and two) and various products from notebooks, keychains to folders and t-shirts!  I think it’s a cute movie and recently while shopping I uncovered a whole slew of cute products (leading a friend to say are these for you or the kids?)  Now there is a website to pick up all your (um, your kids) High School Musical-related gadgets.

And for those who have been living under a rock for the last 6 months here is what the hype is all about (taken from an official press release!!

About High School Musical

Over the course of its twelve airings (January 20-April 21, 2006), “High School Musical” reached 36.5 million unique total viewers (persons 2+), 20.1 million households, 10.3 million kids 6-11 and 11.1 million tweens 9-14. A Disney Channel Original Movie, “High School Musical” is a contemporary “break into song” production. The comedic movie tells the story of two teens who must learn to believe in themselves despite the polarization of high school cliques. The premiere of “High School Musical” delivered the highest ever Household ratings for Disney Channel original programming. Traffic to surged with the premiere of “High School Musical.” Within a 24-hour period after its January 20 premiere, 1.2 million unique visitors logged on to – the most ever for the site.

Get more great High School Musical Stuff here.

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