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As the mother of two girls I went through a lot of baby items when they were tiny– clothes, toys, gadgets you name it I bought everything!  These things I thought would make my life easier. I would look so chic with that diaper bag with the gazillion pockets and my baby would look so cute with the matching blanket! My husband’s response was, ‘why do we need so many things for such a small person and you do not need another diaper bag!  From the cashmere pant set, binky holder/cleaner to the wipe warmer, parents today are bombarded with the “must have” items for their little ones.  After being in the business of manufacturing children’s products (and a product junkie) I realized some moms out there could learn from my mistakes and that there really are some really cool, hip items that are fashionable functionable and just plain fun!

The girls are still tiny and I am still shopping so stay tuned……

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