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Lunch, Lunch, Lunch

In my search for the perfect back to school lunch bag I wanted to make sure the ones I give my kids are PVC free. Of course I love LLBean back packs and according to their web site their lunch boxes are tested for no lead, phthalates or PVCs. They have every color imaginable!

I just discovered the fuel line of products for the kids! Designed well and in matching colors….just perfect! Plus they are affordable! Tested the insulated lunch bag, the dry snack container and stainless steel water bottle and my kids loved them. Check out their other products too as they come in four fun colors. All are lead free, no PVC and no Bisphenol-A! I love how the snack container has a clip for easy backpack access and the foldable cutlery set is a perfect fit for lunch boxes.

Products, Trends

Toys, Toys and more toys

Ever notice how the kids toys pile up and you have no place to put them? I have a great fabric bin storage system that I use for the kids toys that I got at…! But am always looking for places to put their stuffed animals.

The Container store has some great bins so you cannot go wrong there.

Ikea also has these mesh storage containers that are great and colorful. The hanging ones are a great space saver and are only $1.49!

But when I discovered Boon Inc. I was in heaven.  This company makes the best products.  The oval animal bag is the cutest thing.  It also doubles as a seat too so it would look great in a bedroom.  The trio animal bag is even bigger and will accommodate even the biggest collector of stuffed animals.


Recession Proof Style

Much has been in the news recently about style on a budget.  From the Today Show, to numerous women’s magazines it’s all about shopping on a budget and looking within to update what you have. Here are some tips for this spring season!

·         Look at what you have in your closet before you shop – I know I have numerous items that if you just add a belt, earrings or a necklace,  a whole outfit is waiting to get out of my closet….which leads me to…..


·         Accessories can be recession proof – Necklaces, earrings and belts are all an easy and affordable way to dress up any outfit.  As I mentioned before I love Banana Republic and J Crew for accessories but some of my favorite bargain stores to shop accessories are Forever 21 and Aldo accessories


·         Shop the discount stores – for us in New England that can range from TJ Maxx, Filenes Basement to the new Nordstrom’s Rack!


·         The top trends this season include exposed zippers, ruffles, fringes, neon and mini florals. Check out the today show segment on fashion under $50.00


Products, Trends

The High School Musical Maddness – Will It ever End?

For those of you who have kids (especially girls who like to sing) with the obsession with High School Musical ever end?  We of course have the DVD 1 & 2, the music CD’s (one and two) and various products from notebooks, keychains to folders and t-shirts!  I think it’s a cute movie and recently while shopping I uncovered a whole slew of cute products (leading a friend to say are these for you or the kids?)  Now there is a website to pick up all your (um, your kids) High School Musical-related gadgets.

And for those who have been living under a rock for the last 6 months here is what the hype is all about (taken from an official press release!!

About High School Musical

Over the course of its twelve airings (January 20-April 21, 2006), “High School Musical” reached 36.5 million unique total viewers (persons 2+), 20.1 million households, 10.3 million kids 6-11 and 11.1 million tweens 9-14. A Disney Channel Original Movie, “High School Musical” is a contemporary “break into song” production. The comedic movie tells the story of two teens who must learn to believe in themselves despite the polarization of high school cliques. The premiere of “High School Musical” delivered the highest ever Household ratings for Disney Channel original programming. Traffic to surged with the premiere of “High School Musical.” Within a 24-hour period after its January 20 premiere, 1.2 million unique visitors logged on to – the most ever for the site.

Get more great High School Musical Stuff here.

Products, Trends

Get Organized MOM!

As summer is over and the kids are in school now it’s time to get organized!  As one working mom to another I really need to get organized as it’s been months since I blogged!  But I promise the next few entries will be filled with insight, guidance and fun gadgets for moms (whether you are a stay at home working mom or at an office working mom – we all are working hard at everything we do! )

I really am obsessed with notebooks and calendars!  If you are like me you might have a couple or so notebooks to jot things down in. But now with a first grader and pre-schooler I have a TON of school related paperwork that honestly I keep each child’s stuff in a high school musical folder (more on that topic later)  I discovered there are plenty of “mom organizers” out there. What a great concept!  I wish I invented some of these cute and fashionable organizers.

BusyBodyBook’s is more like a GRID so you can plan and track kids activities – fun colors too.
This Go mom Home Organizer has 12 Undated Monthly pockets for expense reporting, bills, coupons, etc.

The momAgenda Kitchen Folio is perfect for filling papers from school, sports, and extracurricular activities, class lists menus etc. – adorable.  This site also offers the must-have momAgenda. You may have seen this in all the women’s magazines.  It has a week-at-a-view format with space for mom and up to four children. Comes in 5 stylish colors. 

Of course my favorite site to order all my fun and fashionable items for work is seejanework. Where do I begin here? They have everything – school supplies, filing systems, journals and notebooks even eco-friendly office products.

Check it out!

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