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Back to school soon! But fun events @RedSox #redsoxparents #redsoxmoms

I’ve seen so many back to school photos online! My kids go back to school after Labor Day. Lots of things to do before then!  We just got back from vacation and laundry is calling…..There are still some fun events for September that you and your family can do! We always head to the beach in September for the day especially if the weather is in the 80s.  A day at Fenway Park is always fun too and the Boston Red Sox has a few fun events!


  • September 12 – Bruins Night!!  The Red Sox will host “Bruins Night” on September 12th, and fans who purchase the special event ticket will receive a limited edition Red Sox Tuukka Rask co-branded bobblehead. On-field, there will be a special pre-game ceremony honoring the Bruins on the event of their 2017-2018 season. Buy your tickets here


  • September 14 – Fenway Yoga! I did yoga at Fenway a few years ago with the Red Sox moms campaign and it was fun! The Red Sox will host a FenwaYoga class led by the experts at CorePower Yoga on the warning track of Fenway Park following the afternoon Sox game.  Tickets include a ticket to the 1:35 game, plus access to the yoga class following the game. Buy your tickets here

Two fun events to check out – especially for moms if you need to plan a day/night out!


Disclosure: As part of the Red Sox Mom campaign I sometimes receive goodies and a treat to a game. As always all opinions in this blog post are my own.

Yoga @Fenwaypark

Yoga @Fenwaypark

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What’s in my bag? @trendymommies edition

I have many, many, many pocketbooks. I change them up each season but I mostly love my Louis Vuitton neverfull 

In the summer I carry a few Vineyard Vines  purses too. It’s always a change up! I usually try to keep my bag light but here are some must haves in my bag right now:

  1. Wallet – this small size is my favorite as it can fit in my big and small purses!
  2. Starbucks card – usually I have the app but sometimes someone nice will give me a gift card!
  3. Readers, a book and a cute, small notebook to write stuff down – yes I still carry a notebook and still have a hard copy calendar!
  4. Shout wipes – just in case!
  5. Dental Floss – although I like those tooth pick like flossers
  6. A small bag – this cute zippered one (which I think I bought at TJ Maxx is actually a pencil case – I like it as it is slim and small) and has all my lip glosses and pens in them so they don’t explode. My favorite line of lipsticks and gloss are from beautycounter and Jane Iredale
  7. Phone chargers of course are a must have item in my bag. I love this portable charger and neoprene roll up kit to store the chargers in which I received as part of the Disney Moms on the Road events! Follow along on twitter
  8. A new functional fragrance called Aromaflage. It helps to repel bugs!  So a nice fresh scent without any deet! Perfect for the summer!
  9. My new favorite protein bars are RXBars. They have great flavors and I like the kids ones too!

    Items in my pocketbook

    Items in my pocketbook

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Summer fragrances with a function? @Aromaflage #nobugs #sleep #sponsored

I am not one for wearing perfume…but perfume that smells light and airy AND  that functions as an insect repellent? Sign me up! Aromaflage sent me samples of their  2-in-1 fine fragrance with function. Always on the lookout for deet alternatives I was ready to test it out. According to the Aromaflage web site the fragrances are , “Scientifically tested, effective, and beautifulOur first line of fine fragrances & candles naturally repels mosquitoes. Our newest line is a sleep fragrance designed to let you sleep more deeply and wake up feeling rejuvenated.”

I like how the collection comes in an easy to store and travel with purse size. There is no deet or harsh chemicals in their fragrances. You only need 1-2 sprays per leg and arm and you should reapply every 2-3 hours. Not only did I smell nice but I had no mosquito bites! The fragrance is derived from fruits and plants. The company’s founders found in their travels across Asia that exotic, botanical fragrances can double as insect repellent.  The original Aromaflage notes of silken vanilla, warm cedarwood, and exotic orange. The Aromaflage Wild is a nice blend of cardamom, cedarwood & spruce. Both do smell lovely and you don’t have to wash them off after a night out as they are natural. How many of you are in the shower washing off that deet before you get into bed??  The sleep fragrance smells very light and I spray it on my pillow at night for a great nights sleep.

But how exactly does it work?? According to the company website, “The volatility in Aromaflage’s essential oil + alcohol mixture creates a shield around the skin. This shield discourages mosquitoes from landing on your skin. Products containing DEET use contact repellency. This means that mosquitoes may land on your skin and react to the harsh chemicals, then jumping off.”  You can read more about it here


Disclosure: The company send me some samples of the Aromaflage fragrance. As always all opinions are my own in this blog post.

Fragrance with function @aromaflage a must have this summer season!

Fragrance with function @aromaflage a must have this summer season!

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Summer Adventures #sports #travel #travelblogger

Well July came and went super quick!  My girls are active in a summer swim and dive league and with daily practices it can get hectic. Summer sports seem to fly by and I cannot believe it is August! Usually I am quite active in the summer with barre, jogging and tennis and it seems once we went on vacation and came back to work that all stopped. But the summer is not over yet so I hope to get out more and play tennis and enjoy a bit of paddleboarding too. Our travels this summer focused mostly on the beach including trips to #Maine. This is my new favorite place to visit – Anchorage by the Sea

There is so much to do in #Ogunquit. It really is a beautiful place by the sea. What are your summer adventures?

A ride around #Ogunquit

A ride around #Ogunquit

The views are amazing anywhere in #Ogunquit #Maine

The views are amazing anywhere in #Ogunquit #Maine



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Compact sunscreen? @babobotanicals has it and alot more #sponsored #summer #naturalsunscreen

I am always on the look out for compact items. Especially solids that fit into a beach bag or a carry on for airlines. Sunscreen is especially hard to find in a natural solid. I am partial to zinc or titanium dioxide which are more natural. I am so glad Babo Botanicals sent me a couple of their summer items to test out. Babo Botanicals is a company on a mission to offer pure, safe, organic solutions for babies and kids. I use all their products as they are great for adults too. I especially love the shampoo/body wash combos as you only need to pack one bottle when traveling.

We really need to protect our lips from the sun. What I don’t like is an all white zinc lip balm or ones that have color and that color gets all goopy and all over your lips making you look like a clown! Trust me many of them do. The Babo Botanicals Lip tint SPF 15 is a non-nano zinc oxide and titanium dioxide lip tint  that softens and conditions lips and stays on your lips with a nice light color. Made with the Babo Botanicals Proprietary Nutri-Soothe™ Complex which the company says is rich in anti-oxidants & vitamins. I like how the products are made in the USA. The Seka Rose is a very light pink and it glides on easily and stays put.

The Super Shield Sport Stick Sunscreen with SPF 50 is great for traveling as it’s a solid. It glides on white but rubs in clear and it provides a water resistant barrier for 80 minutes – perfect for your outdoor activities in the sun. It is fragrance free and safe for all ages. This is in my bag at all times!

Disclosure: Babo Botanicals sent me the above items to test out. As always all opinions in this blog post are my own.

Sunscreen in a compact stick and lip tint from @BaboBotanicals

Sunscreen in a compact stick and lip tint from @BaboBotanicals


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Lighten up your summer makeup @ILovePacifica #sponsored

I tend to carry less items in my make-up bag in the summer. That is why I love a few simple items from Pacifica.  Any of their body washes and shampoos smell great and they are all light and refreshing. The company sent me some items to test out and they all passed the test for the must haves this summer!  You really only need mascara, a lip balm and a great light scent in the summer and these are my new loves!


Enlightened Gloss – This light pink lip gloss with coconut oil and anti-oxidants is the perfect shade for the beach – it’s ight and it stays put on your pout! The shade is called beach kiss so you know its the perfect one.

Stellar Gaze – this mascara is all you need to make your eyes pop. It is 100 percent vegan and cruelty free and infused with coconut and vitamin B and it hydrates your lashes too – never clumpy – pair with the Stunning Brows – which is for your eyebrows and helps to nourish your brows while making them a little bit more defined, that is if you choose the color. They also have a clear one that helps to keep your brows in place.  

Their perfume is light and provides just a light scent to not overpower whenever you walk into a room. My favorite is the vanilla. At $22.oo you can try a few – like the fig or indian coconut nectar or even try the custom spray gift set!

Here is a link to all the make-up. 

They also have a great selection of hair products and this shampoo is perfect to toss in your beach bag and a refreshing way to nourish the hair after a day at the beach. Pacifica’s Super Kale Juiced-Up Shampoo deeply cleans and boosts volume for super healthy looking hair. The conditioner protects from damage and offers weightless hydration.  Pacifica also has a mask, oil and dry shampoo too.


Disclosure: Pacifica sent me the above items to test out. All opinions in this blog post as always are my own.

Pacifica Beauty Products are light and refreshing - perfect for the summer!

Pacifica Beauty Products are light and refreshing – perfect for the summer!


Happy 4th of July! Summer in full swing!

I cannot believe the 4th of July has passed! Such nice weather and fun times at the beach and the pool. This is the first year we did not see fireworks. We were just too busy with heading to the beach, the pool and seeing friends. My older daughter now works but does not drive yet so we have to coordinate our schedules too. Such a fun time this season will be. I love seeing all the July 4th photos of people wearing red, white and blue too. I did not get too many photos this year as we were just relaxing and enjoying the moments. Here is to a restful, peaceful and happy summer season!


This 4 person raft is one of the best purchases this summer

This 4 person raft is one of the best purchases this summer

We anchored the raft into the sand so we would not float away. It sure made for a peaceful time in the ocean. It even had room for beverages and a cooler for food!

We anchored the raft into the sand so we would not float away. It sure made for a peaceful time in the ocean. It even had room for beverages and a cooler for food!

Some goodies at a party we attended. I love how cupcakes are creative these days.

Some goodies at a party we attended. I love how cupcakes are creative these days.

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

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Summer is here! Enjoy the view, family and good times #traveltips

Anyone who has school age kids knows June is one busy month. Between sports ending, Father’s Day, final exams and vacation, getting it all done during this last month of school is challenging. I am a big fan of taking a night away if you can to relax and enjoy the view. Plus if you have older kids it provides a nice way for you to spend some family time together (the teen years tend to be the sulky, silent ones 🙁 ) We were lucky that our night away in beautiful #Ogunquit Maine was sunny and in the 90s. To make it feel like you are away for more than one night we arrive at the destination early, like by 9:00 am and leave late. If you cannot get into your hotel room that early, check out the facilities, visit the local beach or have breakfast. We were out and about all day, checked in a bit early, lounged by the pool, had dinner with friends and then got up early for breakfast. The first weekend in June is the perfect time for a get-a-way and to enjoy the beginning of the warm weather before the month’s activities pick up.  We were also able to use the pool the following day and did not head home until 5:00 pm! It truly felt like we were gone for five days.  So if you can only get a way for a night try the early in late out method if your hotel allows as that is a great way to recharge and refresh before the summer season kicks up. Take time to enjoy the view, spend time with your family without technology and the good times will follow.


travel tips for summer

Sit back and enjoy the view this summer #travel #traveltips



Slip for beauty sleep! Try it. @slippillowcase #slipsilkpillowcase #sponsored

I love to sleep but some mornings I wake up with bed head, dry skin and the dreaded crease on my face! Why not get in your beauty sleep with a silk pillowcase. Not all silk pillows are created equal. So glad that Slip pure silk pillowcase sent me one to test out. It comes in a beautiful package and it is very soft and you just sink into it when you hit the pillow. There are some benefits to using a Slip pillow case including less sleep crease, no more bed head and it can help hydrate your skin.

Minimizes sleep crease – many times I have woken up with a crease across my face – imagine what sleeping on the side of our face on a cotton pillowcase does for wrinkles year after year? No more with slip!  Their web site says years of chronic sleep crease completely disappears after the very first night. No more crease for me!


No more bed head – silk pillowcases are gentler on your hair than cotton. According to the Slip website, “Cotton grabs your hair and twists it at the root throughout the night, damaging hair and causing bed-head in the morning, whereas silk is so gentle on your hair, it allows your hairstyle/blow-dry to last overnight” This is great news especially for those who love to make their blow dry last days! That alone sold me on the product.


It helps hydrate your skin – Cotton can be very absorbent and a cotton pillow case can draw moisture away from your skin . You may feel more hydrated with Slip! Plus silk breathes and is a natural temperature regulator – my perimenopause friends will love it – so soothing and so sweating! Buy yours here

Slip pillowcase arrives in a lovely package

Slip pillowcase arrives in a lovely package

Smooth as silk...Slip pillowcase is so smooth and a dream to sleep on!

Smooth as silk…Slip pillowcase is so smooth and a dream to sleep on!


Disclosure: I was sent a slip pillow case to test out. As always all opinions in this blog post are my own.


Beauty on the go @tatcha_v #tatcha #travelsize #sponsored

I love my travel size beauty products and I love this line of beauty products  from Tatcha which the creator started by taking a holistic approach to beauty based on classical Japanese beauty secrets and the approach that that less is more. The Tatcha collection has something for everyone.

The website says, “The foundation of the line is Hadasei-3™, a trinity of anti-aging superfoods born from the Japanese diet, and the basis for the original geisha beauty rituals: green tea, rice and algae. Every ingredient is carefully selected and minimally manipulated to be gentle and safe with maximum effectiveness.”

Here are a few products the company sent me to test out.

The Deep Hydration Firming Eye Serum is a weightless serum of Okinawa Red Algae, Honeysuckle Leaf and Caffeine. In one use I noticed an instance difference. Loved the hydration it offers.

I have a ton of hand creams everywhere. I like the soothing hand cream as it is super hydrating and it calms irritated skin. What is different about it is that is has a blue color which is a natural Japanese Indigo and disappears upon application. Super cool!

The Camellia Gold Spun Lip Balm is unlike any other I have tried. The packaging is so nice and it is ultra hydrating. Made with Camellia Oil it leaves your lips with a bit of golden shimmer. The glossy finish is perfect and it has 23-karat gold flakes right in it! A must for your make-up bag!

Disclosure: The company sent me the above items to test out. All opinions in this blog post are my own.

#TravelBeauty Items from @tatcha_v

#TravelBeauty Items from @tatcha_v


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